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UTKM Schools offer regular topic specific Seminars to cover a variety of topics. Each seminar is around 4 hours as is intended to give you a broader perspective on the selected topic.

Seminar Topics include but are not limited to:

The Seminars are an opportunity for beginner or new students to gain a more complete knowledge of self-defense and the chance for more advanced students to hone their skills. Every seminar of the same topic may be different as each topic has hours and hours of training options. Just because you attended the seminar topic once does not mean you will not be learning something different or new.

Firearms Training

UTKM schools also offer regular firearms training were legally allowed. Part of the UTKM curriculum requires you learn how to properly handle, Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns. This is done first and for most for safety as understanding, firearms are the best way to prevent injury or accidental death. We believe in safety through education. Firearms courses are also listed with the Seminars but can range from 5 hours to all day events.

Firearms courses currently offered are:
Level 1 Courses:
  1. Pistol 01 – Dryfire
  2. Shotgun 01 – Dryfire
  3. Rifle 01 -Dryfire

*Restrictions may apply for the following courses. See local school regulations and local legal requirements for live firearms usage. Not all students may be eligible to participate in live fire courses. Canadian Citizens, PR Status, Student Visa, Work Permit etc require their PAL (Canadian Firearms License to participate in Live Fire courses) all other persons please check with UTKM HQ prior to taking such courses.

Level 2 Courses:
  1. Shotgun 02 – Livefire
  2. Rifle 02 -Livefire
Level 3 Courses:
  1. Shotgun 03 – Livefire
  2. Rifle 03 -Livefire

UTKM Belt Testing

UTKM schools also have regular belt testing for students who have met the minimum requirements and have been approved by their instructors. Belt tests will be listed on the seminars pages so that students can book the time to volunteer for a minimum of 5 persons are required to volunteer per test for the tests to be run successfully. All person testing should have been notified 6 weeks prior to the test date and must regularly attend classes prior to their test or they may be dropped.