Krav Maga White Belt Curriculum: Video Learning

Our white belt curriculum is available for FREE on YouTube to help supplement your Krav Maga training no matter where you are or who you train with! This is a resource for anyone who wishes to learn the basic Krav Maga moves and sequences.

For our students, we hope these videos can refresh your memory, give you extra instruction, and help you practice.

For others who aren’t able to come train with us in person, we hope these videos can allow you to get to know our curriculum, supplement your training elsewhere, or get started if you don’t already practice.

While we prefer to train in person in the gym, obviously not everyone lives in Metro Vancouver. If you’re ever in the area, please come train with us in Richmond or Burnaby!

NOTE: These videos are supplemental only. UTKM does not offer online training, ranking or certification. Krav Maga requires physical training and if you do not train with a UTKM instructor and log physical training hours, you cannot take ranking tests. If you’d like to advance to higher ranks under UTKM, we welcome you to come train with us!

Our playlist has 33 videos covering curriculum including…

  • 4 Stages of Krav Maga
  • Stances and Ranges
  • Kicks & Kick Defenses
  • Punches & Punch Defenses
  • Eye flick/gouge
  • Throat jab
  • Ear smash
  • Hammer fists
  • Headbutt
  • Elbows and Knees
  • Educational Block
  • Vertical Sweep and 360 Defense
  • Choke Defenses


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