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UTKM Krav Maga Instructor Team

Here is the list of UTKM instructors. The list includes all instructors who are either currently teaching at a UTKM school or have been at some point certified by UTKM to teach.

Instructors that have not trained directly with UTKM for longer than 2 years, or have not proven they are teaching up to current UTKM standards and curriculum will have a listing of Credentials Not up to date however this does not take away from their initial achievement of receiving their respective Instructor Status as it was well earned. It simply means they are not teaching, or not teaching Krav Maga to UTKM expectations.

There are three levels of instructors at UTKM Lead Instructors, Full instructor, and Assistant Instructor, each has gone through extensive training to receive their designation. We at UTKM do not offer week-long courses for Instructor certification as this cannot possibly be enough time to teach a person how to teach. In addition, persons listed here may have let their certifications expired which does not take away from their original instructor certification but does let you know if they have not updated their training. Always check with UTKM HQ if you have any questions about any of our instructors.

Lead Instructors

Lead Instructors are the most senior members of the Instructor Team and are certified to create other UTKM Instructors. In addition, they may hand out belt ranks up to one rank below their own in the UTKM System. To be considered for this one must have a UTKM Black Belt, with Full Instructor Certification and have at least 5 years teaching experience as a Full instructor with regularly teaching for at least 5 years. And are working directly, in person or virtually under a Lead instructor or have operated a school under the UTKM Brand as a Full Instructor. Currently, only the founders of UTKM hold this title.

Jonathan Fader - UTKM Lead Instructor
Jonathan Fader –  Lead Instructor

Since a young boy, I had always been fascinated with the military and martial arts. It was not until the age of 21 when I decided that my career in Occupational Health and Safety was not exactly what I wanted to be doing at this stage in my life. I decided to drop everything and pursue my dreams of learning martial arts and joining the military. Because of my Jewish heritage I choose to join the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). From the time I made that decision until the time I moved to Israel, I started my Martial Arts Journey starting with Krav Maga. That was in 2008, originally under the IKMF lineage.

In 2009 I moved to Israel and served almost 2 years in the 84th Givati infantry brigade, 424th battalion (Shaked). During my military service, I was trained as a rifleman (Tar-21 Tavor), Light Machine Gunner (Negev), and Infantry Sniper (M-24& HS Precision .338). I also learned military Krav Maga as required by the training. I did tours of duty in both the West Bank and the Golan Heights. I was involved with everything from roadblocks to arrests and riots.

In the late summer of 2011, I returned to Canada.  I felt that this was my home and where I had to be. I immediately started training Krav Maga again with my former colleagues and IKMF Master level 3 Marcus Torgersen. In order to improve my combat skills since my return, I also started learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and dabbled in other styles from Kyokushin to Muay Thai. On top of my Military Firearms training from the IDF and I updated my training under organizations like CT707.

Since then I have also become a certified instructor in various other Krav Maga organizations such as INSTINCT IIC,IKF, CT707, CKMI, IKI and have trained with individuals from, IKMF, IKMA, KMG and others. I have done this with the goal to truly understand Krav Maga and the different approaches all while updating my skills and knowledge regularly.

On top of my Krav Maga Training, I regularly train and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where I currently hold a Brown Belt. I originally started under team megaton Black belt Trevor Clarkson, but when I started teaching Krav out of Budo Mixed Martial Arts I made the switch. Originally under multi-time world champion Scott Boudreau, Under WCBJJ founder Don Whitefield (Black Belt under De La Riva). Now I train regularly under Black Belt Mike Hanson, Originally a WCBJJ Black Belt but now a Zenith Black Belt under Legendary Instructor Robert Drysdale. I have also trained via seminars or school visits the likes of Luanna Alzuguir, Lucas Lepri, Megaton, Michael Langhi, Bernardo Fario, Marcelo Garica, Rob Biernacki, and Matt Kwan to name a few.

In addition, I have dabbled in Boxing, Kyokushin Karate, Arnis, Kickboxing, JKD,  and knife fighting under various individuals of different backgrounds and linages.

However, no matter what martial arts I have learned I have always found that Krav Maga is by far the simplest and easiest and most effective system. Other systems take years to be able to actually use in self-defense situations while Krav Maga takes months (Regular training). Without a doubt, it is the most effective form of self-defense on the planet. I wish to work hard so that I can achieve my goal of becoming a full instructor.

I hope to see you in our classes and look forward to helping you develop confidence and learn the art of self-defense.

I have also continued to maintain my tactical shooting skills via training and teaching.

Teaches out of: UTKM Burnaby

Full Instructor

A full must hold the rank of UTKM Blue Belt or higher and has completed both the UTKM Assistant Instructor and has 4 years teaching experience directly under a Lead Instructor or has achieved the rank of UTKM Black Belt and has passed the Full Instructor Certification Black Belt Designation . A full Instructor is certified to operate a UTKM school independently or in cooperation with UTKM. In addition, they may hand out belt ranks up to one rank below their own in the UTKM System. A Full instructor MAY NOT certify another instructor under UTKM.

Petra Foerster

Born and raised in the far East of Germany she started practicing Judo at the age of 6. In December 2012 she decided to move to Vancouver and stumbled into Krav Maga at the end of 2014 at a gym downtown Vancouver.

In fall of 2016, she switched to UTKM and is enjoying the great community of Kravists here. Later Petra got interested in BJJ and started to practice and is currently a Blue Belt.

Currently holding a Black Belt in Judo she is training Judo at the Kensington Judo Club. 

Petra is also now a UTKM Full instructor as of 2022 and is a a UTKM Krav Maga Blue Belt. She also loves too share a little bit more of Judo as she is a Black Belt, with whoever is interested. Petra was also certified as an IKF instructor in June 2019.

UTKM Rank: Blue Belt

Teaches out of: UTKM Burnaby, BC

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials UP TO DATE

Assistant Instructors

An assistant instructor must hold a minimum rank of UTKM Orange Belt or higher and has completed the UTKM Assistant Instructor course (Including BOTH the online Theory and In person Training and Teaching Practicum). An Assistant Instructor is certified to teach at a UTKM school without supervision so long as there is a Full/Lead UTKM instructor running the overall program. In addition, they may hand out belt ranks up to one rank below their own in the UTKM System. An assistant Instructor MAY NOT operate their own school under the UTKM Brand or certify another instructor under UTKM.

Instructor Status Meaning: An instructor who has been assessed by a Lead Instructor to have kept up to date with UTKM curriculum and expectations in the last 2 years will have a status indicating UP TO DATE. For those who have been previously certified but have not kept up their UTKM training, they will be listed as not up to date. For those who have not updated their credentials and training their rank and instructor status still stand just know they may not be teaching the most up to date UTKM Curriculum and it may not represent our current teachings and expectations.

Assistant Instructors – UP TO DATE Credentials

Karch Tan
Karch Tan

Karch has been training with UTKM since 2016, and despite having a martial arts background (Tae Kwon Do & Boxing), nothing had been able to keep his interest until joining Krav Maga. Aside from teaching, Karch also trains in has continued to train in Boxing and has also dabbled in kickboxing and Muay Thai.

UTKM Rank: Green Belt

Teaches out of: UTKM Burnaby, BC

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials UP TO DATE

Assistant Instructors – NOT UP TO DATE Credentials

Dave Young

Dave is a musician from Port Moody, BC.  Besides his pursuit of musical prosperity, he has also long had an interest in martial arts which his father kindled by putting him in Tae Kwon Do during his teen years.  Dave enjoyed the discipline and the training but when he learned of the practical and real-world nature of Krav Maga, he knew he had found the style that suited him best.  Training in Krav Maga has become a part of Dave’s lifestyle, and he is currently a student and assistant instructor with Urban Tactics Krav Maga.

UTKM Rank: Green Belt

Teaches out of: Not Currently Teaching

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials NOT UP TO DATE

Josh Hensman

Josh has had a passion for martial arts since seeing a video clip of Bruce Lee in action as a kid. He first studied Karate and then at University he began to explore Wing Chun Kung Fu and Capoeira.

After arriving in Canada in 2007 Josh moved to boxing and kickboxing, along with renewing his pursuit of Karate.

In 2014 he represented BC at the Canada Karate Championships – a highlight in his sport martial arts career. As a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer he often found himself working in fitness and recreation environments where martial arts were occurring. This is where he first encountered Krav Maga. Josh was immediately captivated by the practical, easy to learn, and adaptable nature of Krav Maga. This was a martial art that was continually evolving! Josh completed his UTKM Assistant Instructor training in Sept 2015 which nearly took him a year to achieve.

UTKM Rank: Green Belt

Teaches out of: Not Currently Teaching

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials not up to date

Greg Fuentes

Greg Fuentes started at UTKM over a year and a half ago. He originally found us through the program we offer at Kwantlen Polytechnic University for students and was immediately interested. It became apparent to us that he not only had the physical skill to be a great practitioner but he also had the right skills we were looking for in an instructor. It took him a while but he is officially one of our assistant instructors and it is well deserved.

UTKM Rank: Green Belt

Teaches out of: Not Currently Teaching

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials not up to date

Daniel Liu
Daniel Liu

“Aussie” Dan began pursuing Krav Maga from a young age; first taking Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun when he was a kid. Dan has been training in Krav Maga since 2010, when he joined KMG back home in Sydney. After arriving in Canada at the end of 2014, he began training with Urban Tactics, before being asked by Borhan and Jonathon to join the instructors program due to his previous experience Krav Maga. Dan finally became a qualified assistant instructor after a year of solid training. Besides Urban Tactics, Dan supplements his training with BJJ and KickBoxing. He can be also found out in the mountains riding his bike and breaking his bones.

UTKM Rank: Orange Belt

Teaches out of: N/A

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials not up to date

Steven Lo

Steven started his UTKM journey late in 2015. We quickly recognised his talents as a striker due to his past experience with Muay Thai. Since passing his Assistant Instructor course he has been a regular instructor teaching both the kids classes and adult classes.

UTKM Rank: Orange Belt

Teaches out of: Not currently teaching

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials not up to date

Vick Mangat

Vick came to UTKM mid 2015 with no previous experience, but he came with drive, good attitude and the goal of receiving the training needed to acheive his dream of becoming a police officer. Through his hard work, training and dedication he completed his training and was recently accepted into the RCMP acadamy. You can read more about vick in his intro blog post here.

UTKM Rank: Orange Belt

Teaches out of: Not Currently Teaching

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials not up to date

A proud day from Jedi to padiwon 😀 He didn’t quit on me. Don’t ever quit me bro!

I joined UTKM in 2015. My daughter demanded a practical self defense method and Krav Maga is that. Before UTKM I had done Shotokan Karate, Aiki-jutsu, Wushu. I have practiced Yang Style Tai Chi since 1997. I practice it today. Well, not right this minute because Graceful Lady’s Hand isn’t well suited to typing. I have a family despite what the judge said. Ha ha psych nurses – you know nothing! I did breed! After an interesting childhood, I matured a little. Great victory! Now I employ people to do crazy things for that is the way of life. I also teach Krav Maga because it needs to be done and it’s a lot of fun. Oooh, rhymes. Some of the above is true.

Editors note: We have decided to leave this bio as is for now. Andrew is no stranger to violence and thus has developed a healthy-ish sense of humour. Because of this though he understands why people need to realistically learn to defend themselves even if they don’t want to.

UTKM Rank: Orange Belt

Teaches out of: Not Currently Teaching

Instructor Status: UTKM Credentials not up to date

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