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Canadian Firearms Safety Course/

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (for PAL/RPAL)

UTKM 2019 CFSC and CRFSC Poster

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) are courses that are required, by law, in order to qualify for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). The PAL is required to legally purchase, own, and hold firearms in accordance with Canadian law.

Other reasons you may be required to obtain a PAL:

  • UTKM Green Belt requirements
  • Job requirements (Law Enforcement, film industry, etc.)
  • Educating yourself on safe firearms handling


UTKM’s two day course will cover both Non-Restricted and Restricted course material; Day 1 will focus on non-restricted, and Day 2 will focus on restricted. Testing for Non-Restricted may occur on Day 1 or 2, or both, depending on attendance, so be prepared for the written and practical tests on either day.

Day 1 will focus on Non-Restricted and will be a minimum of 8 hours + Testing (if any).

Day 2 will focus on Restricted and will be between 4-6 hours of class time + Testing. (If your Non-Restricted testing did not occur on Day 1, it will be on the Day 2.)

A refund will be given up to 10 days after purchase. After which no refund will be given, but we can re-schedule you for the next available course. Full payment is required to book your space in the course. Each course will be limited to 12 people, so book in advance to save your spot. (A course may be canceled if fewer than 3 people have signed up 10 days prior to the course.)

Please show up on time and bring note-taking materials or devices. Lunchtime will also serve as practical training time, so it is advised that you bring a meal in order to capitalize on this limited time.


*Course offered in BC, Canada, only. The Location of each course may be subject to change prior to the start of each set date. Courses may be canceled 7-14 days prior if there are not enough participants. No refunds will be given after 6  months of the original payment date if you fail to reschedule a missed course within this time.

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