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As we get a lot of spam via phone if your number is not local we may not pick up. Send us a text or email with some details and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Be a PODCAST Guest

Are you a Krav Maga or Martial Arts practitioner, LE, Military, Security Agent, Health or nutritionist specialist or just a general interesting person who wants to talk about current events. Send us an email with your background and we can schedule a talk. Not all requests will be given a podcast epsiode.

Be a Contributor

If you would like to submit a story about your experience in Security, Law enforcement, or the military in relation to self-defense, violence, de-escalation, what you learned, and or how you handled it or your experience in a self-defense or violent situation please make submissions to info@urbantacticscanada.com . Min 500 words. Published Submissions will be rewarded with 3 months of Free access to UTKMU. If your submissions is accepted and published you will need to create a UTKMU account on your own. Not all submissions will be accepted.

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Train Online

Follow along with our weekly curriculum or simply supplement your regular Krav Maga training with our approach to Krav Maga. Sign up for an account on:


Train in person

Urban Tactics Krav Maga (UTKM) is based out of Metro Vancouver Canada. We currently offer classes located out of Budo Martial Arts Burnaby. If you are in town and would like to train with us you can sign up on our local website:


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