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Krav Maga & Self-Defence Principles

Krav Maga, and all self-defence for that matter, should be a principle-based approach.  While techniques are certainly important, they can fail under stress; leaving only the raw principles of the style.  Understanding both Krav Maga and general self-defence principles is one of the most important aspects for new and developing students.  Without these guidelines to fall back on the learning process can be more difficult, and defending your self will be even harder if and when a technique fails.

These articles also serve as a study guide for UTKM students.

Below are links to breakdowns of the various topics related to these principles as UTKM teaches them.  Click on the link to access the topic.

General Self-Defence Principles

These are ideas and concepts that should be universal to any good, reality and principle-based self-defence system, no matter the style.

Krav Maga Principles

These are Krav Maga specific ideas and concepts that were either put in place at its foundation or added later as it was developed.

Below are principles and concepts we have learned through Krav Maga and have integrated into our teachings, while still sticking to all the above principles or concepts.

Basic Weapons Self-Defence Principles
Basic & Novice Krav Maga Strategies

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