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If I say Urban Tactics Krav Maga is one of the most diversified and dynamic Krav Maga schools in North America, I think there would be very little dispute. Other than having been certified under 4 International Krav Maga Federations, one of our specialties is firearm training and Krav Maga techniques related to firearms, from firearm disarms, tactical shooting to military Krav Maga. We are privileged to have extensive knowledge from our military background as combat arms soldiers and shooting instructors in the Defense Industry.


50 cal, the author’s favorite gun during his service with CDN Army

However, sometimes when we ask our civilian students at our Krav Maga school here in Vancouver if they would like to participate in some of Krav Maga seminars related to firearms or Firearm Possession Course, some of them ask “Why? What’s the point to learn about guns ? I will never use it.“  ” what’s the point of using guns as cold steel weapon? I will just shoot the guy. ”  Many Vancouverites do not own firearms nor have an interest in it. I was amazed with these students’ response that they do not want to participate because they think any form of firearm training is not useful in a real life threat.

Let us be clear about something:

  1. Armed robbers or other bad guys do not attack their targets with their bare hands. They always want to achieve superiority by having either a knife or a gun; only honorable people fight in equal amount of forces and let their skill determine who the winner is. Bad guys are not looking for a fair fight; they are looking for an easy pay day. If, unfortunately, you end up at the end of barrel and you faint at the first sight of a gun, the chance of you acting calmly is pretty slim. Knowledge is key to calmness and being collective under pressure. To know what type of firearm and the condition of the firearm is vital to survival in dealing with an armed assailant.
  1. If you disarm someone‘s firearm you need to know how to use it, even if you want to disable the gun to prevent the bad guy from using it again. You need to know how to do so fluidly and accurately under stress. Over and over again I see Krav Maga schools or other Krav Maga instructors teach people how to disarm attackers with a gun, but their immediate actions after the disarm makes my heart skip a beat.  Most of them clearly do not know how a real firearm functions, different functionality between a revolver and semi-automatic pistol, nor how to point the gun at the person if they chose to take lethal action. Just because you point a gun at an attacker does not magically make this person stop from taking the gun back or to attack you again. Do you have the will and skill to fire a gun if you chose to and, if you can hit accurately the bad guy, without hurting the bystanders or yourself? If you do not wish to shoot someone, how do you use guns as cold steel weapon and combine with Krav Maga moves ?
  1. Since almost most Israelis have served in the IDF; firearms have always been part of general Krav Maga curriculum from Day One in Israel. After all, almost every 18, 19 old Israeli youth can take apart, put it back a M-16 and be confident with it on the range. Most North American Krav Maga students and instructors cannot rival Israeli Krav Maga student and instructors’ firearm experience. Nonetheless, In order to learn the full system of Krav Maga, you better be good at firearms. You need to learn how to shoot it, disassemble it, then finally disarm it if you have to. Firearm training is a serious issue and takes lots of training time; more so than any other aspects in Krav Maga. People generally need lots of range time with guns to eliminate the fear of the “Boom Stick“, but also be confident that guns are merely tools and be comfortable with them as extension of their limbs.

Are you Ash or Villagers ?

Last but not least, we do Krav Maga for a reason. We do it not for fitness or completion but to protect our lives. My friend, you want to ask yourself: Is there ever enough training when it comes to protecting your lives, especially about the most efficient killing tool created by man?

Written By: Borki Yony

Edited By: Warren C


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Author Scott Boudreau on the left


When you join Kyokushin Karate you get a handbook, which on the first page states “Everyone can do Kyokushin Karate – not everyone will do it”, this sums it up pretty good.

Kyokushin Karate is considered to be the most brutal stand up Martial Art in the World and at the same time the most humbling. Korean Masutatsu Oyama invented Kyokushin Karate in the 1930’s purposely for spreading to the world a realistic self-defense. He traveled all over doing impressive demonstrations for many years proving his Karate is exceptionally powerful. For example Mas Oyama is famous for his Bull Challenge demonstration where he would wrestle a Bull to the ground, break the horns off the bulls head with a Karate chop then punch it between the eyes which would kill the bull instantly. This is just one of many popular demos Oyama is known for.


Grand Master Masutatsu Oyama

Now you will find Kyokushin Karate in almost every country on earth! Today Kyokushin Karate is well known for its full contact tournaments and to many it is the essential Martial Art practiced to be a professional Kick boxer. At the moment Kyokushin has branched out to many different organizations. Although Masutatsu Oyama passed away in 1994, the original organization also knows as the IKO (International Karate Organization) has 12 000 000 members worldwide.Little people know the physical training is only half of it. The Kyokushin Karate mindset has a special charm. Myself, doing this martial art since 9 years old, have met some of the nicest people I have ever met who practice Kyokushin. Kyokushin really brings out the best qualities in people and this is what a lot of fight fans don’t see unless they practice the art itself. Soon after getting my Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate I naturally was drawn to any Martial Art that required some serious grinding. Kyokushin instilled a permanent blueprint in my mind that affects my attitude every time I challenge anything whether I am buying something, going on vacation, working in the office, making promises to friends or business affiliates, when I go to the gym, when I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I never give up and I am drawn to big challenges, this attitude comes from my training in the Kyokushin Karate system.All that said, today I see more and more Instructors, Clubs, Classes and Programs that are teaching a similar mindset. It makes me very proud and happy to observe others recognizing the strong values of the disciplined mind and body.

By: Scott Boudreau