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Episode 52- Blog Post Series – What Pokemon Taught Me

You thought I was Done with this subject!?! Wrong! Here it is again in audio with additional commentary on the topics discussed of What Pokemon Taught Me. The blog Posts written earlier this year are as follows, “What Pokemon Taught Me about Losing“, “What Pokemon Taught Me about being OK with who I am“, “What Pokemon Taught Me about Health and Nutrition“, and “The First Line of Defense“.
Episode 51 – Mike is an NYPD Officer and Blogger at Kravmagamindset Full Podcast

Mike is a Police Officer with the New York City Police Department for 6 years. He has been a Krav Maga practitioner for 9 years and he has been training in martial arts since 2009 which includes training in MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. With his role as a Police Officer in a major urban city, he knows the difference between sport and street. Mike knows that Krav Maga is more than just techniques; its a philosophy, an attitude, a mindset and he knows this firsthand by utilizing that mindset at every call for service. Mike is an overall Self-Defense enthusiast looking to connect, discuss and learn with other like-minded individuals in various stages of their self-defense journeys.  Check him out at and on Instagram at
Episode 50 -Blog Post Series – Self Defense is not just physical

Welcome back to UTKMs Warriors Den Podcast with host Jonathan Fader. This is the first of many Blog Post Series podcasts where whenever we write a series we will add it as a blogpost with additional commentarty. This series covers a variety of topics including, Digital Self Defense, Financial Self Defense and Mental Self Defense. This series as read and discussed by Jonathan Fader, UTKM Lead Instructor.