The Great Hypocrasy: To be Pro-Humanitarian, Pro-Human Rights, Pro-Democracy, Pro-Gay Rights…..But Not to be Pro-Israel

Posted: September 1, 2014 by urbantacticskravmaga in Uncategorized

I was not originally going to post this on the Urban Tactics Blog but it has been requested, so here it is….



I started writing this in response to @AbbyMartin who was on one of my favorite Podcast’s, The Joe Rogan Experience @JoeRoganEXP on Aug 2nd 2014, hosted by . Abbey is supposedly an objective reporter on RT (Russian Television). Until this podcast I had liked Abbey for her views on the world and her criticism of main stream media for being un-objective. However, on the topic of choice on the podcast, Israel and  Operation Protective Edge is something I know something about as a former member of the IDF and as someone who has some experience in the region in question. After listening to her talk, and what she had to say, it showed me that she too was and is clearly un-objective in her ability to report the facts with out warping them due to her own personal and emotional reasons. Operation protective edge has now…

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