Episode 84 – Blog Post Series – Tales From… Vol. 1 with Host Jonathan Fader
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This Episode is a Blog post series shares the first in hopefully will be many Volumes in what we like to call “Tales From”. These are stories regarding self-defense training, mentality, incidents, situations whether handled well or poorly. The idea of these series is for others to see that Self Defense is complicated and many individuals have possibly experienced what you have, have thought what you have, or have reacted like you have so that you do not feel alone with your experiences. This series is from 4 authors which include a bonus one, Transit Tales: Thoughts on My evolving Transit Experience, written by Karis M. A UTKM Green Belt. Tales From the Job: My Armoured Car Experience, written by anonyms. Tales from the Job: Avoiding an International Incident, written by Jonathan Fader and So one May Walk in Peace, written by UTKM Yellow Belt Ted E.

We encourage you to submit your stories regarding use of force, self defense, training whether on the Job or as a civilian.

If you would like to submit a story about your experience in Security, Law enforcement or the military in relation to self defense, violence, de-escalation, what you learned and or how you handled it please make submissions to info@urbantacticscanada.com . Re: Tales From, Min 500 word. Published Submissions will be rewarded with 3 months free access to UTKMU.

References for this podcast are below: