Episode 95 – Aaron Philip University Colleague and Hopeful soon to be Lawyer with Host Jonathan Fader
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Excerpt: “I think that there is a role that social media is playing in this. Which shines a light in weaknesses in our democracy in a very unhelpful way. Umm, so social media creates these easily manipulated narratives which allow us to inflate emotions and subvert, umm, dialogue and discussion like you and I are having right now. Cuz if you and I were talking and neither of us were listening to the other person the discussion would have very little value.” – Aaron Philip

Aaron Philip is a University Colleague of the Host as they met at KPU. Aaron studied Criminology with a minor in Political Science and was heavily involved in various aspects of KPU Student life. In particular was his involvement in the Model UN where he even traveled globally to participate in larger Mock UN Events. Aaron is now studying Law with the hopes of becoming a Lawyer and He intends to start a Family law practice in the future, offering integrated services, including mediation for families. This Episode starts off a little different as Aaron intends to launch a yet un-named podcast and asks a series of questions to Jonathan Fader for his podcast. After these the episode transitions into a discussion of Canadian Politics and the upcoming election and the Pandemic both provincially, federally and globally. The intro is a bit longer as Jonathan wanted to clarify and clean up some comments made during the discussion on the topic of the pandemic.

For the sake of breaking up the topics the timestamps for this episode are provided below:

00:00 – Start – Intro and Clarifications from Jon regarding comments made in the discussion

00:31 – Aarons questions to Jon for his podcast

01:06 The Government, Upcoming Canadian Elections and the laws

01:49:00 ish – Transition to the discussion of BC pandemic response and pandemic in General

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