Episode 105 – Maj. Nadav Raz of the IDF, PTSD, Buddhism and Counter Terrorism Audio Extracted with Host Jonathan Fader
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EXCERPT: “For me, the one thing that first let me deal with depression was understanding the basics of Buddhist thought…so the basic tenants of Buddhist is that the world is suffering. And that is awesome, its like if your baseline is the world is suffering that’s a good philosophy for me to understand because I’m suffering.” – Nadav Raz

Maj. Nadav Raz (IDF) has over 20+ years of Military and civilian training experience specializing in teaching Counter-Terrorism and intervention. Nadav started his military career like many Israelis in the Infantry advancing through the ranks and eventually, he was invited to help teach at the IDF counter-terrorism school and form a new division focused on counter-terror tactics for infantry units in civilian environments. After leaving the regular army service he began his reserve duty as an officer at the school for settlement protection and still spends several weeks/months a year teaching and training. During his time in the military, he was also exposed to an event where he was almost killed by an alleged ally with bullets just barely missing him after he had already spent several days under constant fire. Nadav traveled to Asia where he found Buddhism and other teachings that helped him deal with his depression and trauma. He now mostly teaches civilians how to arm and protect themselves and has developed a lecture called from Gaza to Buddha.

In This episode, we talk about Nadav’s Military experience, time in Asia, Trauma, Depression, PTSD, Our philosophies, experiences and lives, with a little Counterterrorism to offer some Ying to the yang.


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