Warriors Den Podcast Episode 111 – Jacob Hogge: Protests, Politics, Religion and Philosophy with host Jonathan Fader
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Excerpt: “I would say please, the first thing everything should do is really sit down and think about what makes you, you. Who are you, what are you. What does it mean to be you and fulfill those things. I think freedom is essential for that and you need to hold everybody who puts them selves above you, or who ever you put above yourself to those standards of allowing you to be exactly who you are because its exactly who they are. A human being.” – Jacob Hogge

Jacob is a lover of philosophy, a Catholic theologian, and a previous student of mine. He is currently studying for a Masters degree in theological studies, and has his own podcast and entertainment network where he theologically commentates on politics, culture, and religion with a cringy-millennial twist. You can follow him on Apple Podcasts and YouTube as Good Sheep, and on Instagram and TikTok @GoodSheep94. He has also invested himself locally in favour of Vancouver’s freedom convoy protests. To see his weekly coverage, check out @BCBorderAlliance on Instagram.

In this episode we talk about Protests, Politics, Religion and Philosophy the day after Russia decided to invade Ukraine. Fun times.


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