Hello Readers,

You may be asking yourself, “where are all the weekly blog posts that I so eagerly await?” That is a good question! One simple answer is that I have really bad writer’s block and have run out of ponderings to share. I had also hoped to have other more regular contributors to this blog by now, but it’s mostly just me. As such, I am a little burnt out, as writing and content creation isn’t really my specialty.

Another contributing factor is I have a MAJOR, life changing event coming up in a few months that will require a lot of my time and effort (all of it, really). Given that, I am refocusing my energies to working on the UTKM Advanced Curriculum and videos for www.utkmu.com while I am still free to work on it; as this is a very labor intensive project which I have already put off for too long time.

I will, however, continue make the occasional post, which is always easier when people make requests, so feel free to ask me for specific content (this will help the writer’s block!). You can, of course, always contribute articles yourself, draw from personal experiences, your martial arts development, or other interesting tales and learnings.

Accepted submissions will be rewarded with 1 month of Novice membership to www.utkmu.com (a $25 value). Regular UTKM Members can have this credited to their student fees if they prefer.

Anyway, that’s it for now, I hope this helps explain the silence in this space as of late. I’ve lined up some guest posts (and a random one from me) in the near future, but if you regularly visit this blog on Tuesdays, and are in want of something to read in the meantime, this is a good opportunity to checkout the, always important, Principles material found here.


Jonathan Fader – Lead UTKM Instructor