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Excerpt: Just do it. Cliché question, cliché answer. No I’ll get more specific. What advice? I think, I don’t think, okay. My advice is, I think your first 20 videos are gonna be bad. That’s my advice.

Hafu (Hafu Go) is a Vancouver-based, Canadian YouTuber with at the time of this episode released over 850,000 Subscribers. He wasn’t satisfied with his time at school studying marketing and the direction of his life and decided to give becoming a YouTuber a chance. He originally started doing videos related to school with Campus crawls at some of the biggest schools like Harvard, Stanford, and UBC. When the pandemic hit he could no longer travel and changed to things he could do locally. His big break-out video was Surviving 24 Hours with a Shaolin Kung Fu Master. This leads him to reach out to other disciplines to do similar challenges. He reached out to us in May of 2022, when he had a little less than 500,000 subscribers to do a Krav Maga challenge. Warriors Den Host and Lead UTKM instructor Jonathan Fader convinced him to do a true 24 hour Military Krav Maga Bootcamp challenge which he accepted and we filmed in June of 2022. We all had a blast filming it but words cannot do justice so you will just have to watch the video. Hafu Go’s Channel About Section states “People who subscribe to this channel are driven visionaries. Our motto is “GO BEYOND.” I want to liberate you from the limitations of your own mind. Subscribe and join the Go Gang if you want to join us in bettering the world.”

In this episode, we discuss Hafu’s Journey on Youtube, Life, and even do a “Directors Cut” breakdown of the video. For audio-only listeners, you will need to go to Hafus Youtube Channel or watch the video on Spotify, Rumble, or Youtube to see what we are talking about.

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