I got my first stripe on my belt. It proves that I am able to (so far) do the class requirements. Since this 10 months of training has gotten me far enough to get my 1st belt, I have higher spirits to continue working hard to earn more stripes. To me, these belts mean a bit more than just a stripe from the self-defence class I go to. It means that I’ve worked to earn it for 33 hours. I have this white belt on me, with one stripe, but it shows more than that. It shows that in 10 months, you can get further than you’ve expected if you’re determined and motivated enough. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just a belt with a stripe because I feel as though I have proven myself worthy of this class, but in reality, I still need a LOT of improvements and work. I know that I should be proud that I’ve earned my first belt and have gotten a certificate and all that, but in real life, I feel that since I’ve gotten my first stripe, I can do way better than I have been doing, and by doing that, I need to work harder and be more dedicated at this class. 

I’m hoping by the end of next year, I’ll have moved from my first stripe to my second, and so on, but to reach that goal, I need to work harder, be more determined, and concentrate on that wish. By then, I’m hoping that it’ll come naturally to me on the streets, and that I’ll have the reactions in me. I need to accomplish that goal so that I know I can take care of myself because that’s what I’m at this class for. If I wasn’t at this class to learn to defend, then I wouldn’t have this belt on me.

When I saw my picture with my belt, certificate, and John on Instagram, I felt really proud. I am the first one to get a belt in the kids’ class and I feel like I’ve accomplished something, a big thing too. I have gone this far, and I’m not planning to stop even if all my good friends aren’t there anymore.I’m enjoying this class, and because of it, Sunday is still my favorite day of the week. 


By: Christine C