I want to start with a story about an instructor I once knew.

As is the case with many instructors starting out they rented space at a local fitness gym chain. During one of the introductory classes someone stood up and said krav maga is not as good as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Naturally the instructor wanted to prove himself. It was on!

As they engaged the opponent immediately jumped on his back and choked him out.

Furious he got up and said lets go again. This time the instructor engaged full force and broke the opponents nose.

The result; 2 bruised egos, a broken nose and the instructor being kicked out of the gym thus giving him no place to teach once again.

This instructor happened to be one of the best strikers I have ever seen on top of being accomplished Krav Maga practitioner and instructor however, his lack of knowledge about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and their style put him in a situation that had it been on the street he would not have had a second chance.

This brings the question, in a world filled with martial arts all claiming to be the best and the rise in popularity of MMA because of the UFC how does a Krav Maga Practitioner deal with situations like this?

The first thing to remember is that Krav Maga is a mentality and a strategy for survival as well as as simple and effective solutions to various problems.

The second answer to this problem is simple, train in other systems as it will only make you a stronger more effective Krav Maga Practitioner.

This does not mean however that your Krav Maga class or training should become an MMA or JiuJitsu class like so many schools who want to cater to the whims of the public. It does mean that you should supplement your training by taking other classes.

For example, ground game in Krav Maga usually means DO NOT go to the ground and if you do how can you get up within five seconds. This mentality has its place rightfully as once on the ground its much easier to get stabbed or have your head kicked in by an over zealous friend of your opponent.

With this being said, after attending numerous Krav Maga lessons and instructor courses I have always made the same observation. When it comes to the ground sections the majority of people look like fish out of water. The few people who are comfortable and fluid on the ground are always those like myself who also train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I have personally rolled with many Black Belt BJJ practitioners and let me tell if you cannot knock them out quickly and they get a hold of you and they do not give you a chance to access their eyes, throat or groin you may be in serious trouble.

The same could also be said if you ever find yourself in a situation against an accomplished striker. Their footwork and punching speed may simply be too much for you. This may or may not be the case but I have seen many Krav Maga gyms that spend far too much time on gun and knife disarms and not enough time developing their students striking ability.

As great military strategist and Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu said:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Stick to a Krav Maga Strategy and techniques but the better you are at other styles the easier it will be for you to recognize this in your opponent(s) and thus making survival easier.

If you take Krav Maga and want to punch harder and faster, take a boxing class.

If you take Krav Maga and want to kick harder and faster try a Muay thai or kickboxing class

If you take Krav Maga and do not want to not fear the ground take brazilian Jiu jitsu

The more you train and the more you know the more your survival is guaranteed.

Happy New Years and Happy training.

By: Jonathan Fader