What to do if someone grabs your hair?


 Many of you may have noticed that I keep short hair. Why, because hair is a vulnerable target. For guys its easy for us to keep short hair but for ladies, not so much. With this in mind you must always remember that your hair is easy to grab and can be used to control you.

I remember a fight in high school. 2 girls were talking about fighting but then they agreed not to. One girl turned to walk away while still in reach of the other whom then grabbed her hair slammed her to the ground and kicked her in the face. The girls first mistake was turning her back to an aggressive opponent. The fact she did not know how to react is simply her misfortune.

When ever you are pulled from behind whether it be hair, a purse a bag. It best not to resist the force but rather immediatly turn into the person using their own force and attack with which ever options are available. Remember Krav Maga tries to keep it simple and while we are known for attacking aggressively we like to take the path of least resistance as well, this means if you can use your opponents force against them, you should.

 Written By: Jonathan Fader