I’ve always been interested in taking a martial arts class or boxing but for whatever reason I never got around to doing it.  Krav Maga in particular was of interest to me as it seemed the most “real world” discipline to use as it deals with actual scenarios you could encounter because in the real world there is no referee, bell, ring, or rules for that matter.  My wife bought a 3-month membership for my birthday to begin in January of 2014, and I was really excited she got it for me.  I’ve always talked about doing it but never did!At the same of time of being excited I was also pretty nervous.  I have trained in the gym for 16yrs, played lots of different sports, have never been afraid to get my hands dirty or get a bit bruised up from sports or activities.  But throughout my entire life I have never been in a fight.  Being a big guy, I guess I’m pretty much the last person someone would pick a fight with.  Nonetheless, its something I’ve always been concerned about.  If the situation were to arise, would I be able to effectively defend myself, my wife, my family, or others?  In all honesty, I felt worried that I may not be able to.  Especially being someone of significant size and stature, I’ve felt like its expected that I should be able handle any situation. That being said, after only a few months of consistently coming to the classes I definitely feel more confident if such a situation would arise.  The first few classes I was very nervous, and the first time I did one of our sparing sessions I realized I had no idea how to handle myself.  I was thankful that my size had kept me out of fights as I discovered I really didn’t know what to do!  Its always easy to watch and comment on UFC fights and think in your mind you know what to do, but in the real world unless you have been trained… you’re clueless and your instincts are most likely wrong. Krav Maga has tough me so much more than how to throw a punch, kick, or elbow.  It has tough be how to read a situation, an opponent, and has reprogrammed bad reflexes/instincts with better ones.  By no means do I feel like I can “take on anyone” nor do I want to.  But it has greatly improved my awareness and confidence.

I have also noticed an improvement in my overall fitness.  For years I have consistently trained at the gym and have significantly changed my body composition from when I first started.  That process has also increased my self confidence.  However, being “gym tough” versus “street tough” are completely different.  The addition of Krav Maga has filled in the gaps both physically and mentally.  Overall I have lost roughly 12 pounds of body fat since the New Year, and my cardiovascular performance has greatly increased.


More importantly, overall I just feel more confident and in control.  I really enjoy the feeling of knowing I’m better equipped to handle myself in a bad situation/scenario.  I’m mostly looking forward to progressing further with Krav Maga and improving my skill set and earning various levels of belts.  Just as the gym has been part of my life since I was 18yrs old and will be for the rest of my life.  I see Krav Maga being with me, in one way or another, for life as well.