The real truth is
No one watch
No one saw
want to see

Tragedy isn’t invisible
People turn away from it
They run from it if they can

And is hard knowing that you belong here
That your purpose lays here amongst all these pain
But someone got to be there
To pick it up
To push back
but first piece back together put us all back together

I have to say the whole UTKM crews are all very excited about this upcoming gaming masterpiece. Other than the brilliant gaming control and graphics I personally feel the essence of the story truly echos with the spirit of Krav Maga and us, the “ Kravim “.

One thing about Vancouver is that most of us are not from here; we came from all over the place and finally reside in this lovely and peaceful city. However, many parts of the world are not too far from the setting of this game and sometimes worse. We have been there.

After watching this video I want to ask you:

Are you prepared?

The second question is can you be that someone to be there to pick it up and push back ?

In the Krav Maga community we often quote grandmaster Imi’s famous words: we do Krav Maga because “ so one can walk in peace. “ However, if you look at the history of Israel and Krav Maga; Krav Maga was not merely created protecting yourself but also protecting your country and lives of fellow human beings. Imi himself have fought in numerous street fights to protect local Jewish community against Nazi thugs.

In North America, Krav Maga is often labeled as a “ Self Defense “ system. In many ways it is misleading and limiting to the capability of Krav Maga. Krav Maga is much much more than just ” self ” defense. Krav Maga is a complete fighting system that is capable of saving other people’s lives by neutralizing the threats. Krav Maga is an overwhelming force that can defuse violence.

You might argue that many of us are not police officers or soldiers

Yes ! you are right. We are not soldiers nor police officers

But at least for me, I practice Krav Maga hard so one day if I have to make the call to help a stranger who is in danger at least I have the power to choice to turn away from tragedy or to act so “one can live”.

Written By: Borki Ben Yony