Episode 90 – Nir Maman is a Counter-Terrorist, Policing and Use of Force Expert with host Jonathan Fader
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Nir Maman is a Counter Terrorist, Policing and Use of Force Expert and founder of CT707 a Global Risk Mitigation, Special Operations, and Training organization. Nir’s full background is read during the Intro of this episode which takes some time, as the actual talk starts around the 17 minute mark. Host Jonathan Fader has also had the opportunity to train with Nir via his Krav Maga instructor Certification on multiple occasions as well as an Israeli Tactical pistol course and like many can attest to Nir’s expertise and world class instructional quality. The following is an abbreviated version of what is on his website:

Nir has a professional background that spans twenty years of service in the fields of Military Special Operations, Police Tactical Operations, Law Enforcement, and High-Risk Security Operations.  

He served in the Israeli Special Forces Counter-Terror Unit and Counter-Terror School… He was responsible for developing and delivering specialized Counter-Terror Warfare, Hostage Rescue, and Krav Maga training to Special Forces Units from various countries around the world, including the United States of America…He was responsible for training the IDF’s Hostage Rescue Units in all areas of Counter-Terror warfare and Hostage Rescue including Hostage Rescue Operations in domestic and foreign/hostile environments, Close-Quarters-Combat, Aircraft, Ship, Train, and Bus Interdiction, Suicide Bomber recognition and engagement, Urban Warfare, Tactical Shooting, Escape and Evasion, and Krav Maga… He was responsible for enhancing and developing operational Counter Terror tactical methodologies that are currently deployed by all Israeli Special Forces Units. Some of the methodologies he developed or enhanced for the Counter Terror School include: Active Shooter Intervention in open terrain, Fighting in Built Up/Urban areas, and Deployment of the Ballistic Shield in Urban Warfare. He was the resident Expert for Active Terror Attack/Shooter Intervention. He was an Operational Team Leader on the Counter-Terror Unit during high-risk deployments, which included Active Shooter/Terror Attack Interventions, Arrests of high threat terrorists, and high-risk entries and searches of terrorist strongholds throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip regions. During War Time Designation Nir was additionally tasked as the Unit’s M72 66mm Light Anti-Tank Weapon Operator. 

In Canada, Nir served on a Nuclear Tactical/SWAT Unit, as a Patrol Constable with a Transit Authority, a Police Constable, Use of Force and Tactical Instructor for a major Police Academy, and a Use of Force Instructor for Canada’s Immigration Enforcement Service. He is currently a sworn Peace Officer and the appointed Managing Director of the Canadian Tactical Officers Association.

In the United States, Nir was a Sworn Police Officer appointed as a Deputy Commander of a Tactical Unit and he is currently a Sworn Reserve Deputy Sheriff.

Nir appears regularly on National news segments providing expert insight on global events related to terrorism, Police response and training.

For over 20 years, Nir has also worked in the Security operations field in various capacities including planning and commanding the security details for Government officials (including Diplomats from the Israeli Government), corporate figures, and celebrities.

In addition to Close Protection operations and Counter Terror warfare, one of Nir’s subject matter areas of expertise is Hostage Rescue. He has been commissioned on several projects tasked with deploying rescue operations for incidents related to kidnappings and hostile terror oriented take-overs. In 2010, Nir was commissioned to develop and deploy the rescue mission of three commercial ships and their crews off the coast of Africa that were taken over and being held captive by maritime terrorists/pirates. In 2020, Nir was commissioned to locate and rescue a Canadian citizen that was abducted and being held captive in a Middle-Eastern country. For the period of three months the Canadian Government was unable to locate the young woman or rescue her. Within 48 hours of being commissioned, Nir was able to locate, rescue, and return her home to Canada.    

Nir is a certified Police Use of Force Instructor and SWAT Operator in both the United States and Canada and has a Martial Arts background of over 35 years with Black Belts/Instructor certifications in Krav Maga, Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Jeet Kune Do. and so much more…

In this episode we discuss, Nir’s Background and training, His time in the IDF Counter Terrorism Unit, Teaching and tactical methodologies, Policing and use of force and general philosophies.

 Nir can found via his website https://ct707.com/