Warriors Den Podcast Episode 106 – Sebastien Lavoie retired RCMP Sgt. Maj and Founder of Raven Strategic with host Jonathan Fader
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Expert: Re his upcoming book “Is essentially the pursuit of excellence in a 360 Degree world, and I mean a 360 degree scan around your, you know your own life. So, I’m pursing this goal to go to special operation. I’m pursing this goal to be the best in business, I’m pursing this goal. Everything has a cost and everything has an equal and opposite reaction. So how can we mitigate the cost with the pursuit of excellence in certain fields” -Seb Lavoie

Sebastien Lavoie is a retired Sgt Major in the RCMP and Founder of Raven Strategic. He was previously on Episode 81, and since then he has has quite the 2021 in a way most of us cannot even imagine. The highlight of his year was getting his BJJ Black Belt but after a minor surgery he ended up with Compartment Syndrome where even now there is a very real possibility that he may need to amputate his leg. He also experience sever Heartbreak which for him was worse pain than any thing else. However he has started a very serious path recovery which thanks to the generosity of Altitude performance includes the use of CVAC Pods which at this point seem to have significantly positive results. He is also working on a book which he hopes to release in the next year or two using his immense leadership experience and preference for direct and practical advise as a guide.

Check him out on Instagram @slavccmdr https://www.instagram.com/slavccmdr/

Or at Raven strategic https://www.instagram.com/ravenstrategic/

Compartment Syndrome: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15315-compartment-syndrome

CVAC Pods: http://altitudeperformance.ca/index.html


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