Petra Foerster Episode 107 – UTKM Blue Belt, Assistant Instructor – Testing, Teaching, Socialism & Life
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Excerpt: (On the blue belt test) “Physically it was hard on me. But I mean I think the most important part is just keep going don’t give up. Usually I have my face where I think, uhh, I hate every one in the world especially you” (Referring to Jon)

Petra Foerster is UTKMs first Blue Belt and Insistent Instructor. She also holds a Black Belt in Judo where she regularly trains and teaches kids as well as holds a Blue Belt in BJJ. Petra was previously on Episode 85 where we discussed her upbring in the then East Germany under the USSR. At this time east Germany was a under a centralized Socialist authoritarian government. When she was able she moved to Canada and started a new life where she continued her martial arts practices. In this episode we talked about her Blue Belt Promotion and Testing, Judo, Socialism, Authoritarianism, Teaching, Learning and the world around us.

If you want to follow Petra you can on Instagram @petra_Foerster or catch her semi regular blog post contributions on the UTKM blog.


Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:43 – Ad Read
  • 02:57 – Episode and Guest Introduction
  • 05:19 – Interview Start
  • 06:48 – Cat Intro 😊
  • 1:48:15 – Interview end