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Up Coming Seminars & Tests – March 2018

Posted: March 1, 2018 by urbantacticskravmaga in Seminars
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March 17st Knife SurvivalMarch 24th Rifle 01March 31st Orange Belt TestApril 01 Nanaimo Krav Maga Seminar


On February 3rd 2018, myself and three other students tested and received our yellow belts from Urban Tactics Krav Maga. Each of us was pushed to the limit of our physical conditioning. We were tested, not only on our technique but also on our perseverance and willpower to fight through the fatigue and keep going. It was a sweet victory for the four of us, one that came from many months of preparation and training. Luke Testing for his Yellow Belt.jpg

I first attended a class at UTKM about seven months ago. After my first lesson, I was hooked. The gym has a very welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. The classes are structured very well, allowing newcomers to immediately participate in fun conditioning exercises and combat practice. The fundamentals are clearly explained and demonstrated, and the class is put through a series of exercises to practice the techniques. Newer students are often paired with advanced students, who help them out with tips, and the teachers are always near-by to offer specific advice.

The Warrior classes end with light sparring matches, which gives the students the opportunity to practice against each other in a controlled and supervised setting. I found this part of the class to be very helpful for improving confidence and stamina. Sparring offers a simulated reality that allows the student to practice under stress, in a paradoxically comfortable environment.

There is a strong sense of community at UTKM. A certain essence of camaraderie is formed after hours of training together and leaving our hearts out on the mat. Students are not only encouraged to participate; they are encouraged to contribute, and that inspires us to help each other learn and excel.

I first heard about UTKM through some friends who had trained there. I decided to take Krav Maga lessons after having a close call with multiple potential attackers. The situation was luckily defused before any punches were thrown, but the unexpected hostile encounter was an eye-opening experience, one that left me realizing how vulnerable and unprepared I was to defend myself in a violent situation. It made me realize that avoidance is sometimes not an option when it comes to confrontation, and being caught unprepared to fight is tantamount to being at the mercy of your attackers.

Violence is real and everyone has a relationship with it. Most of us try to ignore its existence. Many of us fantasize about it, or live it vicariously through movies and video games. Because we think of ourselves as peaceful people, we tell ourselves that violence could never happen to us; that we are morally above it and can simply choose to opt out.

If we do however find ourselves staring face to face with a would-be attacker, it is only through exercising our own violence that we may reclaim our peace.

Violent situations force us to become either Warriors or Victims; there can be no in-between. Training in Krav Maga is the ultimate equalizer against any evil we may face. Don’t allow your attackers to have a monopoly on violence.

Luke Olson a UTKM Yellow Belt.jpg

Become a Lion. Become a Hero.

-Luke Olson

New Yellow Belts – Feb 03 2018

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Congrats to Vlad, Marco, Jen and Luke.

Say Hello to our Little friend, I mean our newest Orange Belt

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Quinn Gets His Orange Belt


November Seminars & Testing

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November 11th Orange Belt testingNovember 18th Group Fighting SeminarNovember 25th tactical rifle 01

Thanksgiving post – Our Latest Green, Orange and Yellow Belts

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On this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all the students that have come to us to learn and we celebrate their achievements. Here are most of the individuals who grew with us this year and got their belts, we apologize if we are missing some as the trend of creating albums for each test started late. If we are missing you send us your photos and we will add this into this post afterwards. Nevertheless, we are thankful for our students as without them UTKM would not exist.

Warren Green Belt Group.jpg


Yellow Belt group 1Yellow Belt Group 2Yellow Belt Group 3IMG_20171007_132122

Orange Belt Testing – Sat, Sept 23rd

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Orange Belt Testing Sept 23rd.jpg

Just a reminder that we are doing Orange Belt Tests on Saturday, September 23rd at UTKM HQ in Richmond, BC. Yellow belts are required to volunteer to participate if they expect to test for their orange belt when the time is ready. If you have not already signed up then let your instructor know if you would like to volunteer. Remember, tests are cancelled if we do not have enough volunteers.

*Test Candidates have already been notified.

What is a Belt? A belt is a milestone in progress with regards to martial arts. I couldn’t tell you why belts became common practice for ranking in martial arts I am sure someone out there could tell you. But I can tell you that Belts or more specifically the Judo Belt system was chosen early on in Krav Maga to recognize progression. Later a patch system was added in approximately 1996 when one of the first major offshoots of Krav Maga, IKMF was formed. They opted to go with the now famous patch system. Practitioner 1-5, Graduate 1-5, Expert 1-5 and Master levels.

UTKM Ranking System
UTKM Belt Guide.jpg

UTKM Belt Guide & Ranking Requirements

So when forming a Krav Maga school with no direct parent organization there is always 2 choices, the Belt system or the Patch system. We opted for the belt system for the following reasons:

  1. Belts are more recognizable globally in the martial arts world and are easier for people to comprehend with out detailed explanation.
  2. It was the original choice and we stuck with the lineage of Imi’s decision
  3. We felt that the patch system is gimmicky and has far too many levels which in our opinion is a cash cow scheme. It was probably created to relate more to the target market of Police and Military rather than the General populous.
  4. Belts are harder to lose and easier to pass down.
Our belts have now evolved into what you see below:

UTKM Branded Belts

In choosing the final design we thought about Krav Maga, and how it is designed to be practical. Thus, we wanted the belts to have more purpose than simply an indication of ranking and a symbol of UTKM. Just like our students, wanted them to be something more. The following are some possible uses for the belt (Assuming you keep it with you or even wear it outside of class).

  1. A weapon of opportunity – Because of the hard metal D-rings, the belt can be easily taken off and wielded as a weapon against would be attackers.
  2. An Emergency Rescue tool – Because the belt is made of strong webbing it could be used to pull someone or hold something in an emergency situation
  3. A tourniquet – In a true emergency it can easily be used to stop bleeding assuming, of course, you are familiar with first aid practices

This is just a short list, as the only limit is the imagination, however, like Krav Maga our belts are meant to be practical and adaptable for the given situation and of course looks stylish in the process with UTKM Branding. Who knows, perhaps out belts will literally save someone’s life some day.

Lastly, something we do at UTKM is passing down our belts. This is a tradition we adopted from the IDF, where Sargents and Officers at various points in progress will pass down their Baret or Pins to the soldiers who they feel are most deserving.

Every time a person gets a belt they write their name in a perminent marker on the back, then when they achieve the next belt level they give their belt back to the school. When the test comes for the appropriate colour if we have any lineage belts we will give them to the students who we feel for whatever reason exemplified things we want to see in our students. They then write their name on the belt and it continues the cycle until the belt has 5 signatures/names. At this point, the belt is retired and hung up for all to see on the wall of belts. Something which we have yet to create but when our first belt hits 5 signatures we will build with Joy.

So assuming there is a lineage belt to give away at the conclusion of a test here are some of the things we look for when handing out these belts.

  1. Courage & Strength – There have been cases where students have had to over come whether mentally or physicaly to pass their test. Some students in the past have injured themselves but faught through to complete the test, or were injured prior to testing but as the injury was not severe enough to re-schedule they pushed through
  2. Spirit & Attitude – Through their training they have always been in class and never have exucses no matter what is going on in their life. Or they have gone out of their way to promote the school and what it represents.

So do you have what it takes to achieve a UTKM milestone and get a belt from us, or even better prove to us you have what it takes to receive a lineage belt? There’s only one way to find out.

So ask yourself, Can you be turned from a lamb into a lion?