Thank you to every one who made 2022 a big year post pandemic with 14 new Yellow Belts, 4 new Orange Belts and 1 new Green Belt.

With out the students, there is no UTKM

A big congratulations to every one who accepted the challenge of the incredibly difficult UTKM tests and hope to see you all in the new year.

To those who got their yellow belts, we hope to all see you get your Orange belts in 2023.

One of our goals for 2023 is to get the largest number of Green Belts to date, so to all those who got their Orange belts in the last few years please keep coming, stay consistent and help us make this goal as we want to be able to have regulars advanced classes by 2024.

Have a wonderful New Year, and see you all again in 2023.

The UTKM Team & Lead Instructor Jon

P.S. if you have stopped training with us in the last few years but want to continue your Journey to your next belt level, don’t be shy our doors are always open.

For training online visit If you are in the Metro Vancouver area, come learn with us in person, sign up at or check out our merch at