The human bodies vulnerable points for Krav Maga Self Defense: Audio by Jonathan Fader


You have probably heard the expressionno groin, no Krav Maga”. Of all the vulnerable points on the body, the groin is one of the easiest to access and is one of the more sensitive areas, especially for men. One swift kick, knee, punch, or anything, to the groin has the potential to stop your opponent outright. It is also accessible at all ranges: long, medium, and short.

– Highly sensitive for both men and women


– Relatively exposed to a leg kick

– People are more aware of this vulnerable point


– Attacks are more likely to be blocked

– Some people may be desensitized to groin strikes

Suggested moves vs the groin: Groin Flip Kick, Straight Groin Kick, Stomp Kick, Push Kick, Knees, Palm Strikes, Punches.


A well placed shot to the abdomen can potentially drop your opponent, especially when targeting the liver or solar plexus. However, it is not always a guarantee, as many people train to condition themselves to take hits to this region.

– Many vulnerable parts: liver, solar plexus, stomach, floating ribs, etc.


– Well-placed shots can cause severe pain

– High damage to opponents

– Strike must be strong and well-placed


– Pro fighters usually train their abs to take hits

Suggested moves vs the abdomen: Knee, Front Kick, Straight Punch, Uppercut.


The throat is another major target that can stop anyone in their tracks. However, it can be a dangerous target if you do not know what you are doing. A mere 7lbs of force on the throat can cause windpipe collapse, potentially killing a person. Be careful with this one!

– Easy to access


– Highly effective

– Potential for accidental lethal blow

Suggested moves vs the throat: Straight Punches, Elbows, Strike with the webbing between your thumb and index finger.


The neck contains the spinal column, the carotid artery (supplying blood to the brain), and the jugular vein (takes blood from the brain). If any one of these were severed a person could die rapidly, or instantly. Restricting blood to the brain with a technique like a choke hold can result in loss of consciousness in 6 seconds. The back of the neck, containing the seven cervical vertebrae (C1-C7),  is extremely sensitive to impacts; strikes to this region can be very effective, possibly even deadly.

– Attacks on C3-C7 could paralyze a human


– Attacks on C3-C5 could disrupt nerve signals to the diaphragm, necessary for breathing

– Contains the brain’s major blood supply; the carotid artery and jugular vein run along the sternocleidomastoid muscle (from the clavicle to behind the ear)

– Difficult to access unless opponent is bent over, or already softened up

Suggested moves vs the neck: Downward Elbow, Downward Hammer Fist, Punch, Guillotine Choke, Rear Naked Choke.


One solid strike to the chin can be the end for many, but not all. This is a target for more experienced, confident strikers, but, with training, one could knock someone out with a well-placed shot.

– Vulnerable to incoming forces from the side


– Shockwave will cause concussion

– Ineffective if opponent tucks their chin and has hands up

Suggested moves vs the chin: Hammer Fist, Elbow, Hook Punch.


The nose is one of the easiest targets on the face to strike, and it can be very effective. The nose is very close to the eyes and the tear ducts, allowing a solid strike to cause an opponent to cry in response. In addition, the nose can be broken or caused to bleed fairly easily, which may stop your opponent on account of both pain and psychological reasons.

– Highly sensitive area


– Could stop opponent’s movement

– Could lead to control of opponent’s  head

– Difficult to access if opponent’s hands are up

Suggested moves vs the nose: Straight Punches, Forward Elbow, Grab, Palm Strikes.


The eyes are, without a doubt, the single best target to strike on a person. Any person who has even accidentally flicked themselves in the eye knows how jarring and unnerving this can be. In addition, if you take out an opponent’s sight, even temporarily, you have them at a severe disadvantage; as sight is considered our most important sense.

– The most sensitive sensory organs on body


– Even light touches will stop opponent’s movement

– With enough pressure, you can control the opponent’s head movement

– Can be difficult to access


– People will naturally protect this area

Suggested moves vs the eyes: Eye Gouges, Straight Punches, Finger Flicks.


For those who have long enough hair to grab, it can, unfortunately, be used against you by assailants. However, this also means you can use it against others. Hair can be used to control a person’s head movement, and thus their body, using pain compliance. This is the reason many martial artists choose to have short or no hair.

– Allows you to control opponent’s head and subsequently the whole body– Some people may have short or no hair

Suggested moves vs hair: Grab and Pull


The ears are often an overlooked target. But, like the eyes, if you strike just right it could end the fight on the spot. However, as they are on the head, an opponent that is actively defending themselves may make it difficult to strike these small targets.

– Can stop the threat quickly, as it disrupts not just hearing but balance and coordination– Might be hard to hit in a manner that disrupts the senses


– May cause permanent damage, so you must be able to articulate why you did it.

Suggested moves vs the ears: Hook Punch, Ear Smash/Pop.


Knees are one of the most important joints on the body for mobility.  Because they are a hinge joint, and only like to move in a specific way, they can be injured easily. This makes them excellent targets, especially on larger opponents;  if you take out their base effectively, the fight is ended. Remember, the bigger they are the harder they fall.

– Easy to target on an unsuspecting opponent


– A well-placed shot can be extremely effective at reducing the opponent’s mobility

– Requires considerable skill with well-placed kicks and timing to hit accurately


– May cause permanent damage, so you must be able to articulate why you did it.

Suggested moves vs the knees: Round House, Oblique Kick.


Though not as effective a target as the knees, feet can be the best choice when there is no other option. These targets often present themselves in grabs and holds where your options are limited.

– Easy to target on an unsuspecting opponent


– Low risk to you, as your heel is unlikely to be damaged, even in bare feet

– Shoes may restrict damage


– Not always a realistic target unless you already screwed up.

Suggested moves vs the feet: Foot Stop, Low Oblique Kick.

Commit these vulnerabilities to memory! While they are the areas we target in Krav Maga, never forget that attackers can use these same points on you. There is a reason why in class we keep telling you to keep your hands up, chin tucked, and to be aware of your surroundings. Preventing your opponent from accessing any of these points on you, before you access them on your opponent, can make the difference between having a good or bad day.

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