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Terramce Flipping a tire

Terrance Flipping 200 kilogram tractor tire through the back roads east of Whistler, B.C., while wearing nearly 25 kilograms of steel chain for awareness


Project Power Gym Local

John Sambo

John Sambo doing some heavy lifting.

Mr. John Sambo asked us a while ago to plan a podcast with Terrance J. Kosikar founder of Camp My way. After hearing about the camp we of course agreed. John Sambo is a powerlifter & Strength athlete, bobsledder, musician and an all around great guy. Terrance was the first responder who attended the Fatal accident that occurred at the 2010 winter Olympics and subsequently developed PTSD or PTS Injury as Terrance prefers. This caused a downwards spiral mentally which eventually lead to his self-isolation out near Lillooet BC. This gave him the ability to heal and subsequently found Camp my way a place dedicated to helping First responders and recovering drug addicts recover from PTS. Terrance is also helping get legislation pushed in BC to address this increasing problem of first responder suicide by getting them the help they need sooner. See information on this Bill here. UTKM is proud to help promote this non-partisan cause and support Camp My way to grow and achieve its goals. You can support Terrance by donating via his website at or by using his #itsnotweaktospeak which can also be found on the website


A long but well worth it listen to any one struggling with mental health issues or is a first responder who is affected or has friends affected by this silent injury.


Episode 44 – Fightcast UFC 213

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Warriors Den Podcast

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This is a UFC 2013 Fightcast. The main event was supposed to be an Amanda Nunes fight but was pulled off the card at the last even making the Co-Main event the Middleweight Interm Belt fight. The guests are some repeat offenders, with Ben and Dave from the last fight cast and our New Muay Thai Instructor Bilal Mobarak.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Imi Licthenfeld is widely known as the founder of Krav Maga. If you search “Krav Maga” on the internet, you will likely see Imi’s name pop up all over the place, cited as the “founder of Krav Maga.”

But is he? Is he really?

This is a topic that sometimes arises among Krav Maga enthusiasts. While majority of Krav Maga organizations say this is true, there are several who challenge this because they have other lineage in Israel, or outright deny this for whatever reason.

Why is there a dispute?

Usually, it comes from those with a background in Krav Panim al Panim (KAPAP), which is Hebrew for “face-to-face combat,” or a religious background with a deep sense of history in the land of Israel. They trace their roots back to pre-1940 Israel, when various Jewish groups have already been practicing forms of hand-to-hand combat. KAPAP traces its roots specifically to the Palmach, a wing of the Haganah. In 1948, when Israel was declared an independent nation by the United Nations, the Haganah became the Israeli Defence Force.

There wouldn’t be a dispute if…

…we simply change the statement to “Imi Lichtenfed is the founder of Modern Krav Maga.” The KAPAP became the official hand-to-hand combat system in Palestinian organizations. Imi did not move to the mandate of Palestine until later. Essentially, it is a political conflict. Regardless, during the country’s early years, Imi was named the head of the IDF physical fitness and hand-to-hand combat programs. It is likely that he took what he already knew and combined it with moves, ideas and/or techniques from early KAPAP.

Imi is the one who made modern Krav Maga big

Ultimately, Krav Maga is what it is today because of Imi’s efforts. During the 1960s-70s, he is the one who opened up the self-defense system to the Israeli public. In the 1980s, he further expanded Krav Maga into the international world. While he is certainly not the one who made up hand-to-hand combat, or the first to practice it in the land of Israel, he can certainly be credited with making modern Krav Maga and KAPAP into what they are today. Without him, it is likely that Krav Maga would be very different. To those who continue to dispute this fact, it’s time for you to let it go so that we can work together to build the art of self-defense in the world.

Side note: There are various Krav Maga organizations all over the world, which each employ a slightly different technical style and mentality towards self-defense. To the untrained eye, watching videos of each different style would look the same for the most part.

Warriors Den Podcast

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This is a Fight cast which includes UFC 205 and Shenanigans. If you have only ever listened to regular Warriors den podcast know that this is not that.

Warriors Den Podcast

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sonny-sahota-and-marcus-soaresSonny Sahota is a purple belt in BJJ under Marcus Soares, Canada’s highest ranked BJJ practitioner. He has also dabbled in other striking styles including Kempo Karate. In addition much like warriors den host Jonathan Fader is a political nerd though his stances are on a different end of the spectrum.