Ever since my Dad (Warren C.) started to take street self-defence 7.5 years ago, I wanted to learn martial arts to help defend myself, but I didn’t want to take karate, judo, or kung fu because those are more sports and fun rather than real life situations. In those sports, there are rules, but on the street, you can do whatever you want. That’s why I’m happy I’m taking Krav Maga. To me, street self-defence is important because there are many times when you can be in danger and when you are, you have to be ready to defend yourself, especially when you’re a kid because you’re much smaller, and that’s why I’m taking Krav Maga. I feel really lucky I’m taking Krav Maga by BorHan and Jon, they are very good teachers because when they teach, you don’t feel bored and you are very interested in what they have to say. BorHan has an amazing sense of humour and Jon is great at demonstrating (even when it involves getting punched in the face). I couldn’t have asked for better teachers. When you are learning from BorHan and Jon, you pick up the skills very fast and even though I’ve only been taking the class for 2 months, I feel more aware and confident than before. I think self-defence is good for children because there are many dangers out there and you only live once so protect your life! To me, Krav Maga is so important, that even if my Dad wasn’t taking it, I would continue to take Krav Maga because I know it’s important and keeps me safe. I will also try to protect my sister with what I know. I know that in a year’s time, I will be very confident. Lisa and J.J., the 2 friends I have there are also improving. I’m sure that the 3 of us will be very good in a year. Since we’re kids, it is easier for “bad guys” to kidnap, steal from, push around, and whatever bad thing you can think of, but after taking the class for some time, I know we will be experienced enough to protect ourselves. I think taking Krav Maga can help anyone to become more aware on the streets. Even today after the class, I felt much more aware and alert of the things happening around me. I’m only 11 and have only been taking the class for 2 months but I know there are many dangers and I am glad I’m learning something that can protect me. I now look forward to going to the Krav Maga class every week and it’s now my favourite activity because I know it can protect me.

Written By:Christine C.

Edited by Warren C.