Our First Krav Maga demo in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan ( ROC)

Posted: June 9, 2015 by urbantacticskravmaga in Urban Tactics Krav Maga
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Our Taiwanese Assistant Instructor Pedro Chong conducted a short 3 hour- seminar at Ranlee Muay Thai Gym in Kaohsiung city, second largest city in Taiwan (Republic of China ). Pedro is a senior Muay Thai coach and fighter. Pedro is a member of the ROC Army. Pedro is also a Kali instructor and master degree student in International Relations at DanJian University. Pedro is the first person graduated from our AIC course and he also completed UTKM shotgun 1, 2, 3 and Israeli Tactical Rifle 1, 2. The seminar received very good reviews among local Taiwanese students who trained at Ranlee Muay Thai Gym. Good Job Pedro

Written By: Urban Tactics Krav Maga HQ

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