Episode 92 – Dennis Hill runs a Krav Maga and BJJ gym in Connecticut and holds multiple Black Belts with host Jonathan Fader

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Excerpt: [Krav Maga is]“A Great System for someone to come into and for someone to grow in if they want something that’s broad but maybe not to deep. but its broad, I mean there’s a lot you gotta learn and you know you gotta learn your punches, your blocking, your blades, your sticks, your firearms, your grappling but it doesn’t run to deeply in any of those things. and that’s why I like having the other Martial Arts so that if you find that you are connected to this type of training keep coming to Krav Maga but if you like lets say grappling because thats a big one, if you enjoy the grappling then hey, cross train in Jiu Jitsu. ” – Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill , Chief Instructor, has trained military personnel, police offices and detectives. He is a 5th degree black belt and Master Instructor in Combat Hapkido, a black belt in Judo, a 1st degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), and a black belt and certified instructor in Israeli Krav Maga. Dennis also trains in Kali with Paul Kischkum. He earned his certification in Kettelbells from Pavel Tsatsouline and has trained in Wresting for 8 years with Master of Sport, Jospeh Vigdorchik, Russian Freestyle Wresting. He also holds numerous other certifications in Health and Wellness. In this Episode we talk about Krav Maga, Self Defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and general martial arts training and teaching and training. Check out Dennis’ school at https://ctkravmagamma.com/