130103-29I first became interested in the martial arts when I was a young boy and I saw Bruce Lee fight in the movie “The Chinese Connection”. I had never seen anything like that before so I was totally blown away, and ever since then I had an interest in different fighting styles. My father had enrolled my older brothers and me in judo and although I took it for several years, I never felt confident that if I were ever in a real-life street fight situation, I would be able to take care of myself. As an adult I decided to learn a fighting technique that was much more street effective so I took a combatives course for 7 years. The style was useful but I felt something was still missing because it was more defensive in nature and used many control techniques. When circumstances forced me to look for another fighting style I sought out Krav Maga. Although I had heard about it several years before, either the location or the class times were not convenient for my schedule, so I was grateful when I found Urban Tactics Krav Maga and I was ready to try it out. I have to say that Krav Maga is exactly what I am looking for because it is a proven fighting style that is practical, effective, and keeps you in top physical condition. If one is looking for the “real thing” then Krav Maga will deliver it, and more. What I appreciate about the style is that it teaches the student to be very situationally aware and the techniques that you learn will help you in street fighting situations that you may find yourself facing. I have two young children and my worst nightmare is to be in a situation where I would be unable to protect them, but after taking Krav Maga for only a short period of time I feel confident that if I were ever in a confrontational situation, I would have a fighting chance. Each class “ups the ante” from the previous lesson and although the classes can be intense, they are very safe and all the students support each other to improve their techniques and fighting style. Additionally, what is unique about the Urban Tactics instructors is that they learned Krav Maga in Israel so the student is confident that the knowledge they are passing down is solid and unequalled. They are not armchair instructors who are teaching the latest trend, they are martial arts purists who feel responsible in ensuring that their students will be able to defend themselves on the street. Krav Maga is great for anyone looking to learn a highly practical fighting technique without having to invest years of training to be effective, and I look forward to continuing to have it be a part of my life.

By: Warren C