This course is legally required to receive your Possession and acquisition license (PAL) from the RCMP. This license is required to posses and purchase Firearms in Canada.

The courses are offered both separately and together. It is recommended to take both courses for the purpose of education. This course does not guarantee being approved by the RCMP for a PAL.

Course content includes (Depends on Course):

  • The evolution of firearms, major parts, types and actions
  • Basic firearms safety practices
  • Operating firearm actions
  • Safe handling and carry procedures
  • Firing techniques and procedures
  • Care of restricted and non-restricted firearms
  • Safe storage, display, transportation and handling of restricted and non-restricted firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Responsibilities of the firearms owner/user

Upon successful completion of this course you will have met the training requirements to apply for your Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) formally known as a Firearms Acquisition License (FAC)

This is the course required for employment in many fields, including but not limited to:

Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA)
Armoured Car Companies
Many companies that deal in mineral exploration, forestry, cartography.
Many film / theatre companies
Many outdoor adventure companies


CFSC: $100

Course book: $20

CRFSC: $100

Course book: $20

Both Courses: $200

Course Books: $40

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