WARREN :These are some things I’ve learned from sparring that have helped me get better:

Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva

1. If you’re not throwing a punch, keep your hands up!!  I know this is Basic Sparring 101 but it’s very easy to forget, or get lazy at it.
2. If you throw a punch, bring it right back to cover up.  See point 1.
3. Don’t forget to also throw body shots.

4. If your opponent is starting to overwhelm you, don’t just cover up, start hitting back!
5. Keep moving, don’t stand still.

6. Control your breathing.  Easy to forget so I have to be very conscious of this.

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7. Keep your chin down so if you get bopped, it’s not a devastating blow.  This is also easy to forget.

I suppose that over time these points will just get more and more natural, but it will still take time.  But I have noticed that if my body (not my mind because things are happening too fast) follows these guidelines, my sparring improves.

BORHAN: Yes ! It does
But didn’t we tell you about all these points in the past ?

WARREN: I don’t remember….haha.  I guess it’s something you almost have to come to the conclusion to yourself, in order for it to really sink in.

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