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6 Times you’re really tempted to Krav Maga Someone, But Shouldent!

When You Keep Getting Bumped on the Train

There are very few things worse than commuting during rush hour, especially in a big city like New York. Thousands of strangers pressed together on their way to or from work — that’s a recipe for agitation, short tempers, and possible confrontations. When you’ve already had a stressful day because you flubbed your big presentation at work and then a hulking monster of a guy keeps elbowing you in the ribs “by accident,” it’s understandable that you’d want to elbow him too … in the groin. Solution: Take a deep breath, go home, and immediately start looking for jobs that allow telecommuting.

When a Conniving Co-Worker Takes Credit For Your Work

You just busted your ass finishing a mega report that your co-worker helped with marginally at best. Imagine your surprise, and fury, when you submit it to your boss and your colleague says, “Hope you like it, boss. I think it might be my masterpiece.” Resist the urge to roundhouse them in the head and remember that the truth always prevails. Solution: Schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss the report further and present your hours of research and work. Clearly outline your co-worker’s involvement, which your boss will see is actually tantamount to Googling some names. You’d be revealing the truth without deliberately sabotaging your colleague.

When You Catch Your Partner Cheating

Hopefully this will never happen to you. But if it does, then there’s no easy way to say it — it’s going to hurt like hell. In fact, your immediate urge will be to inflict pain right back, if not on your partner then certainly on that stranger in your bathrobe. However, not only will attacking them not win you your partner back (if anything, it would all but cement the breakup), it might land you in jail. Solution: Take the high road and calmly deal with the situation, whether that means leaving or asking the third party to leave. Show them how cool, mature, and graceful you are in a situation like this, and then remind them that’s what they just lost.

When Someone’s Rude to Someone You Love

You’ll probably never want to deck someone so bad as when you witness someone being rude to your mom or little sister or best friend. Sometimes it’s much easier to let a confrontation go when it’s targeted at you, but when it’s someone you love, your protective instinct kicks in. Chances are, however, your mom, little sister, or best friend would not want you to punch someone in the face in their honor. So don’t. Solution: If you must, calmly let the assailant know they had been rude. Perhaps they weren’t even aware of their actions and will apologize immediately. Or you can always let it go and use the encounter as an excuse to go get dessert somewhere with your loved one.

When That Sleazy Guy Ruins Your Night Out

All you ladies out there will know what I’m talking about. You’re out with your friends at the bar and one very persistent, very unwelcome guy won’t leave you alone. You just want to focus on your friends, and your whiskey, but he won’t take no for an answer, all the while looking down your shirt and making suggestive comments about how you look tense. Of course you look tense — there’s a douchebag pressing up against you. It’s like his groin is just asking for you to send your knee over. Solution: Drop the niceties and tell him very bluntly that he’s creeping you out. If he still won’t relent, ask your friends if they would mind moving on to another bar or inform the staff that there’s a sleazebag creeping out their customers.

When You Witness Bullying

Krav Maga teaches us to use our skills in order to maintain overall peace. As a result, you may sometimes feel like a vigilante who can help restore order in society with a swift hammer fist or a hard push kick. When you notice someone getting pushed around, your first response might be to step in and subdue the bully. However, you don’t know these people or the circumstances of the situation. For all you know, they could be siblings with an aggressive dynamic.

Solution: Calmly ask what the problem is and try to assess if the apparent victim needs any help. If it becomes clear that it’s a misunderstanding, then move along. If the victim is a woman who appears to be getting abused by a man, alert the authorities.

Written by: Alicia Lu

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