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Boaz Aviram is a name that is well-known in the Krav Maga community. Unfortunately, unless you live in the New York area there is a good chance you may have never have heard of him. Yet despite this, he was the 3rd chief IDF Krav Maga instructor after the founder Imi Lichtenfeld and his colleague and friend Eli Avikzar. This puts Boaz 3rd in line to Imi as far as IDF Krav Maga goes. After serving a year in the IDF Infantry, Boaz decided that he wanted to do something else. He already had a 2nd degree black belt in karate from Dennis Hanover so he decided that perhaps moving to the fitness academy at Wingate was something he would like. Eventually after being noticed by Eli he was groomed and eventually took over after Eli retired.

Despite all this, he only held this title for a few years before moving on to the famous Israeli Air Marshals, unlike Imi and Eli who spent 20 years or so each running the program. After his service in the IDF and Air Marshals and spending sometime in the Israeli Civilian Krav Maga world, he moved to the USA and did security while he tried to introduce Krav Maga to Americans. In between he got his degree in accounting and is what he has spent a lot of his time doing over the past 20 years while still teaching Krav Maga periodically.

Eventually Boaz decided that not enough people know or understand Krav Maga properly and one thing led to another and he wrote his now famous book Krav Maga: Use Your Body as a Weapon. Since then he has reappeared in the Krav Maga world as he is now head of his own small organization called Pure Krav Maga based out of NY. Boaz is very particular about who he will certify. Like this name, he is a purist and does not like egotistical individuals looking for a quick buck.

Long story short, he is a hidden gem in America. An individual who was involved in Krav Maga early on during the time when several other of the civilian organizations were beginning to spread their wings. Learn more by listening the podcast and get a great idea of Boaz’s idea of the state of modern Krav Maga.

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