Episode 27 – Dave Young is a Student, UTKM Assistant Instructor and Juno award winning musician

Posted: December 14, 2015 by urbantacticskravmaga in Warrior's Den
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Dave Young is a UTKM Student and assistant instructor, Juno Award winning musician and all around badass. He started his journey nearly 2 years ago with Urban Tactics Krav Maga and is currently an Orange Belt getting ready for his Green belt test and newly certified UTKM Instructor. While he is passionate about Krav Maga his real passion is music as he is currently the guitarist for the devin Townsend project and is also in his own personal band regal. Dave has also contributed his musical talents to UTKM in created both out Youtube Channel theme song and our new Podcast intro. If you want to follow Dave as a Musician you can like his proffessional Facebook Page Dave Young Music. or follow him on twitter @davetheyoung

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