Our IDF Tactical Rifle Level 01 course is based on rifle drills and tactics from Israeli Defense Forces and Canadian Army.  Course candidates will learn the fundamental drills of rifle shooting and handling. They will use these skills as foundation for small arms combat & defense. Rifle drills of Israel Defense forces are straight forward and simple just like Krav Maga. Under extreme stress, people tend to lose their fine motor control and rely on gross motor control to fight out of dangers. IDF tactical rifle courses teach you how to fight with your rifle not merely just how to shoot your rifles.
Course will cover:
1. Basic Rifle Marksman principles
2. Shooting position –  standing, prone, kneeling  & transition from each position.
3. Reload & Tactical Reload
4. stoppage drills
5. Zeroing ( Method of Adjustment )  – basically teach you how to adjust sight on a rifle. If you don’t know how to do that, your aim will always be OFF
6. Ballistic Affect on Metal Plate and different objects ( 5.56 x 45 mm and 7.62 x 39 mm)
7. engaging numerous targets in different distance.
8. Press check drill
Cost: $ 350.  Include Rifle ( CZ 858 )  &  300  rds 7.62 x 39 mm AMMO
Jonathan Fader
Jonathan Fader was a formal sniper with the 84th infantry brigade of the Israel Defense Forces.
  1. Basic Infantry Training (IDF)
  2. Advanced Infantry Training (IDF )Negev Light Machine Gun Operator (IDF)
  3. M-24 Sniper Weapons System Operator (IDF)
  4. H.S Precision HTR 2000 .338 Sniper Weapons System Operator (IDF)
  5. Infantry Sniper School (School of Sniping and Counter Terrorism (IDF))