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Mark Messare is a colleague of Jonathan Fader. They met several years ago at a Nir Maman CT707 Instructor course and have kept in touch. Recently on a trip to New York, Jonathan stopped by Marks Head quarters in Burnt Hills, NY just outside of Albany and they sat down for a chat.

Mark has been doing Wing Chung since a teenager, has served in the US Air Force and more recently has discovered Krav Maga. Since then he has adapted his programs to be more self-defense oriented. Mark is the Co-Founder of APLEA to which has numerous affiliates all up the east coast. Jonathan and Mark have much in common as they both wish to better teach people how to defend themselves as well as constantly bettering themselves in the process.

ApleaMark Messare and Nir Maman Mark Messare practicing Wing Chung Mark Messare demonstrating Krav Maga

Wing Chun Kung Fu – Since 1993 under Sifu Don Green
Krav Maga – 2009 w/ Mike Lee Kanarek , 2011 w/ Sgt Maj Nir Maman , Also have trained with Moshe Katz, Certified INstructor under Boaz Aviram and have attended seminar with Darren Levine
Military since August 2000-Oct 2012
Armed Peace Officer – 2007-2013
Security work since 2002.

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