Episode 18 – Sarah Moras is a BC UFC fighter in the 135lb womans division Fighting July 15th

Posted: June 13, 2015 by urbantacticskravmaga in Warrior's Den
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Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras is a UFC fighter who fights out of Toshido MMA (Rory MacDonalds original gym) in Kelowna BC. She has a professional record of 4-2-0 with and upcoming fight at UFC Fight Night 71 on July 15th in San Diego California. She previously fought for Inviticus FC prior to joining the cast of The Ultimate Fighter Season 18: Team Rousey vs Team Tate. She made her UFC debut against Alexis Dufresne where she won by unanoumous decision due to her active fighting style. Sara always was and clearly always will be a fighter and if she can get another big win in the UFC against Jessica Andrade she has nowhere to go but up.

Jonathan Borhan and Sarah MorasOutside Toshido

The story behind her nickname “Cheesecake” was due to the fact she could not play her original song at her professional debut and thus chose the song cheesecake from the muppet show as seen below. It should be noted that Miesha Tate took the name cupcake 1 week after meeting Sarah when Sarah already had her nickname…Future Grudge Match?!?

Sarah’s Interview after her initial debut win when her opponent missed weight by 8 pounds:

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