Kfir Itzhaki is coming to Vancouver, Canada in June 2023.

Kfir is the founder of Instinct Israeli Integrative Combatives, is a former Special Forcers operator in the world famous IDF unit Duvedevan. This unit was the inspiration for the TV Show “Fauda” and has some of the best Krav maga in the entire IDF.

He was also a Krav Maga Hand to Hand combat instructor for the Unit. He is an Israeli national hero, Karate champion, Best selling author, counselor and lecturer.

Kfir will be in Vancouver to Teach:
-A 5 day intensive INSTINCT IIC Krav Maga Instructor Course: Sign up! (Early bird pricing until the end of the year)

-A 6 hour open Krav Maga Seminar: Sign up!
-A 2 hour lecture on fear management: Sign up!

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